Upcycled Musette(Tote bag)

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Unique handcrafted Cikkel Copenhagen X ProOwned Cycling Musette

Unique, custom-made upcycled musette (tote bag).

They are made from local teams and pro-tour teams cycling jerseys donated by ProOwned Cycling.

Created to support the Cikkel Copenhagen mission “The Movement On Two Wheels” and our Green Jersey collection. 

Outside pockets (as on the bag of cycling jerseys and shoulder strap). 

As used by professional cyclists in races, it can easily be used for a quick trip up to the local cafe for a baguette and croissant or a quick ride across town.

Versatile, simple, traditional, and durable - this bag is the ideal lightweight 'sling' shoulder bag suitable for 'on-the-go cycling and other activities.

Unisex design - may be used by anyone at any time.

All turnover from the sale of the upcycled musette goes to projects at the legendary Kofoeds Skole to help support the socially vulnerable in Copenhagen.

Assorted selection of the musette.


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