About us

We make clothes for people who have a passion for cycling. Cikkel was founded in Copenhagen - where cycling is deeply rooted in the DNA. 

Each of our designs is a tribute to the history of cycling.

“With Cikkel we want to create a clothing line that gives all cycling lovers the opportunity to express their passion for cycling in everyday life” - Anders Bisgaard, Co-founder & roadcycling enthusiast.

Our design philosophy is to create understated graphics, which appeal to the people who want to distinguish themselves as part of the cycling community. 

“My inspiration for Cikkel comes from minimalistic Scandinavian design, artistic movements like Op-art and the Bauhaus, which focus on geometry and simple lines. I want to create a modern and urban style for the community of cyclists.” - Valeria Prada Capriles, Co-founder & designer.

We want to contribute to the growing cycling scene by making casualwear that bring people together on and off the bicycle. No matter if you are chasing new personal records on the road or everyday commuting, there is  story to tell. 

Share your passion with us and go Cikkel.