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Forhjulslir x Cikkel Copenhagen

Cikkel Copenhagen x Forhjulslir. The new collaboration combines designs from Cikkel Copenhagen's time-record collection with the matching logo of the cool bicycle podcast Forhjulslir (Danish cycling slang for always competing while racing your bike). It creates a simple yet powerful graphic expression with a focus on bicycle passion.

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Tribute to the people keeping the wheels spinning

This design is part of the T.M.O.T.W. tribute to all the dedicated hard workers who make the wheels spin behind the scenes in the world of cycling. These individuals include sports directors, mechanics, soigneurs, chefs, and others. We salute you!

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At Cikkel Copenhagen, we are proud to present our tribute design to Mr. Jørgen Leth. The man, the voice, the poet, filmmaker and Tour commentator who, year after year after year, have put knowledgeable, well-chosen words and images on our cycling summers. 


Jørgen Leth

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