The Movement on two wheels

The Cikkel Copenhagen movement on two wheels:

Cikkel Copenhagen’s dream is to start a movement on two wheels. Literally. A movement fueled by all the best that cycling has to offer in terms of fun, sport, heritage, socializing and not least sustainable transportation.

The more you bike - the better for your health. And every time you choose to bike instead of using other kinds of transportation you do yourself and the globe a huge favour.

So it’s pretty simple. Be an active activist. Bike more and help create positive change and have fun at the same time.

Don’t buy Cikkel Copenhagen stuff just to get more stuff

Let’s get one thing straight: we know the world isn’t exactly waiting for yet another apparel brand to come along. And honestly, we know if you look into your wardrobe, you’ll probably agree that a new piece of clothing is more of a “nice to” than a “need to”.  

 “Say what? You’re a brand, selling clothing. Don’t you want me to buy something...?”  you´re probably wondering. 

Don’t get us wrong. We would love if you would add some Cikkel Copenhagen gear to the basket. But we are even more interested in you buying into our mission and our mindset.