When it comes to sustainable production, we fight to deserve the green jersey.

All Cikkel Copenhagen products live up to high standards in terms of product quality.

All garments are made of organic GOTS certified cotton which is recognized as the world’s leading processing standard for textile made from organic fibers.

The cotton is GMO-free - grown without chemicals and is processed and dyed without using any banned toxic substances.

In addition, Cikkel Copenhagen lives by the following ground rules: 

• We only collaborate with partners that have the highest standard for production. 

• All our garments are from organic and fair-wear production.

• We regularly investigate re- and upcycling projects 

• We support non-profits 

• We support local communities and activities (small retailers, events and individuals who use cycling as a tool to create positive change)

The Green Jersey

We have proudly introduced our special Green Jersey collection, where we have taken our sustainability principles and ambitions to the next level: 

The Green Jersey products are all delivered from the Copenhagen brand Textile Pioneers and are made from 60% recycled left-over cotton scraps from textile factories and 40% recycled PET bottles collected from nature. 

A Cikkel Copenhagen Green Jersey t-shirt saves more than 2000 liters of water compared to a conventional t-shirt. For a sweatshirt, more than 4.000 liters of water are saved.